PhD studentships: eye movements and EEG (deadline 7 January 2018)

Ten 4-PhD studentships are available in the department through the Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership (MIBTP), a collaboration between Universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Leicester. 

My project, co-supervised by Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, aims at understanding eye movement learning during natural viewing. Countless studies have used saccadic eye movements to understand visuo-motor learning mechanisms. The typical way this is done is by moving a dot-target during the saccade, inducing a corrective response the next time a saccade is elicited to the same target location. Those conditions are greatly impoverished compared to natural viewing, both from the stimulus and the eye movement side. A specific goal of the project is to understand how learning occurs in the wild, by approximating the conditions of natural viewing. By co-registering eye movements and EEG we aim at finding cortical correlates of visual error processing and whether they drive motor learning during natural viewing. 

This is an inter-disciplinary project bridging experimental psychology, neuroscience and signal processing. As such, it is suitable for students holding a psychology, biology, or computer science degree with a keen interest in the visual and motor system. Relevant technical experience is a plus, but most important is the willingness to learn.

The application process and eligibility criteria are detailed here.

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